12 Aug 2012

All of my Thinking Kink posts for Bitch

In case you missed any of them, here are all 24 of my 'Thinking Kink' posts on BDSM and pop culture, which I wrote during an 8 week guest blog series for for Bitch.

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S.A. Wesley said...

Found my way here through those posts at Bitch. I found them insightful on a large scale, and thought provoking on a more personal level. Really glad that you compiled the articles here, and I know I'll be sending friends this link often.
Always interested in anything in the neighborhood of sex and sexual politics, particularly the corner of kink and feminism.

The subject of kink/BDSM and feminism walking together is a tough one to reconcile for those looking in from the outside, however just because I'm on the right side of the D/s slash, doesn't mean I can't be a feminist. D/s is probably the ONLY place I lean right.