17 Jul 2012

Remember The Compliments You Receive, Forget The Insults

...as the saying goes. So, since I've had so many lovely compliments from commenters on my blog series over at Bitch, I'm going to do some shameless massaging of my ego and reproduce some of them here.

"This post is awesome."

"Loving this series."

"Thanks for speaking to this. I feel less alone and less ashamed with every relatable post."

"This is such a great series, and this post is great as well."

"I really love your analysis here"

"Thank you so much for addressing this issue....Nailed this."

"I'm very happy that you treat this topic so well. Thank you!"

I'll write something of more substance when I'm not (metaphorically) immersed in BDSM, but suffice to say I'm enjoying doing the blog series IMMENSELY and getting such lovely encouragement (along with the odd 'The author clearly has no experience of BDSM!' comments - snarf, if only they knew) just makes it even more satisfying to write.

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